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The Chargers began using the 3-4 when Wade Phillips became the defensive coordinator in 2002. When he, Marty Schottenheimer and Cam Cameron left after the successful 2006 season, the fan base looked upon the new coaching staff with much skepticism. Phillips' replacement Ted Cottrell struggled during his tenure and was replaced midseason in 2008 by Ron Rivera. Rivera had his ups and downs, but the defense was respectable.

During much of this turmoil, many an armchair quarterback believed that they knew the perfect answer for fixing the defense. That answer was switching to 4-3. This is usually brought up without any facts to back up said statement, just the idea that switching to the 4-3 will solve everything. One could even make the argument that when Ron Rivera took over the idea of switching to a 4-3 defense had some more legs since Rivera had never overseen a 3-4 defense. However, that point was rarely made. Simply saying "Switch to the 4-3" seemed enough of an idea that it did not need further reasoning.

As time went on a mocking nature followed this refrain. Many Bolts From the Blue regulars will bring up the phrase when an argument had become tired and/or ridiculous. This is very similar to other phrases like: "Fire Norv", "Bring back Marty", "Bring back Lorenzo Neal", "SMASHMOUTH" or "They never should have traded Brees".

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