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Any situation can be said to have been better, had the team "run the ball more".

For instance:


It all started, following the loss to the Raiders on December 5, 2010, when mikeswc insisted the Chargers would have possibly won the game had they run the ball more. An argument ensued between him and justdave, the argument then dissolved into childish bickering and it was left alone from there.

In the following game, the Chargers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in blow-out fashion. During the Open Thread, mikeswc again brought up his argument that the Chargers were winning because they were running the ball more.

Other members chimed in, attempting to point out that the Chargers were running the ball more because it was effective in this game, and not vice-versa. A meme was born when these members began pointing out that any situation is better as long as you run the ball more.

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